A village recreation gone bad

The late Tonderai Masuthu


A recreation effort by one Bamhamire villager which ended up tragically has left his family and other peasants under Chief Mutema dumpfounded.

Tonderai Musuthu who died mysteriously in one of the pools of Tanganda River near Gideon Mhlanga High School in Chipinge, was reported swimming for recreation the day he last breathed .

Word is that on the day in question, Tonderai wanted to visit a friend and when they did not meet, he therefore decided to take a swim in one of the pools of Tanganda River. No one saw him alive again.

According to the deceased’s family, Tonderai’s death is still unbelievable.

“He was a Bindura University of Science Education student. As a family, we are dumbfounded and still in mourning as we come to terms with his departure,” his brother, Jackson Musuthu said.

“His lifeless body was discovered by one of our siblings who had also gone for swimming. The last born in our family went swimming with his friends. He is the one who stepped on something resembling a human being in the waters.

“Upon verifying with his friends, they agreed that it was a real body of a human being. When they came out of the pool, they noted that some clothes were lying outside the pool. They positively identified them as belonging to Tonderai.

“Bamhamire villagers then retrieved the body from the pool.

“Villagers were surprised to note that Tonderai did not appear to have swallowed any water that could have made him drown. We buried him recently at Bamhamire village,” added Jackson.

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