“Advance with Competent Based Curriculum”

“Advance with Competent Based Curriculum”

Staff Reporter

AN education ministry official in Chipinge has urged schools to take Competent Based Curriculum (CBC) seriously since it is in line with government policy.

Chipinge District Schools Inspector, Mr Abson Mapfumo, urged schools to do so in a speech read on his behalf by Chipinge East Schools Inspector, Mr Mahwire Mbengo, on a prize giving ceremony that was held at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Chipinge on December 2, 2022.

“The Government of Zimbabwe in 2015 introduced Competent Based Curriculum (CBC) which is commonly known as the New Syllabus. CBC is simply saying that learners should be given opportunities to excel in their talents in addition to academic subjects.

“Schools should strive by all means to invest in learners exploring the world of arts, culture and engineering. It sometimes requires school management to liaise with the immediate community that people from the community help by donating their skills to the school and learners.

“This school has made arrangements with a Harare based electronic engineering company named Robotron Electronic Systems (Pvt) Ltd to train children in the making of robots and drones starting next term. This is remarkable.

“Zimbabwe has just launched a satellite project named ZimSat-1 which was sent into the space last month. With the coming in of training young kids at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, we are simple advancing the course of Competent Based education. It’s a move that shall see Chipinge produce one or more engineers who the country shall be proud of,” he said.

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