“An educated community is more understanding”

Mrs Tina S. Chirwa

Steve Ephraem

THE director of Chipinge’s leading junior learning institution, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Mrs Tina S. Chirwa, has sensationally claimed that an educated community is more understanding.

Mrs Chirwa was addressing parents during a parents meeting on Saturday, 04 February 2023. The event was held at the school campus located at 145A Ferreira Street, Chipinge central business centre.

“It’s better for our children to be learned and follow a religious way if life than being engaged in lawlessness. Most of the children worldwide are engaging unlawful acts of drug abuse. We need to teach our children to shun drug abuse both in school and at home.

Part of the parents in attendance

“Technology is advancing. We need to teach our children basics such as Information Communication Technology (ICT). The learning of ITC should also be extended to parents. We are encouraging our parents to become computer literate so that the parents can also help children to do school work on digital gadgets.

“In essence, an educated community is less troublesome and more understanding. If both parents and learners are educated, our communities shall be safe,” she said.

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