Bananas see improved yields


MAKATA Banana has improved its yields of bananas, this publication can reveal.

The revelation came out at a field day that was held at Farm 30 (better known as Makata Bananas), Middle Sabi.

Hordes of people congregated at Farm 30 and speaker after speaker paid homage to the symbiotic relationship between Makata and the indigenous farmers in the area as well as how the community is benefiting.

Mrs Anna Mukangai, the Agriculture Extensions Officer for the Middle Sabi farmers expressed satisfaction at how Makata’s yields per hectare had continued to improve with each passing season.

“I am really happy because Makata provides employment for Chipangayi and surrounding areas. At the same time, the yield per hectare of 52 tonnes is quite pleasant. The seed varieties are competitive and these are Apolo, Sweet Williams and Asedia. With this kind of dedication, we will surely empower our people and industrialization will be enhanced,” she said.

Nicholas Ngirichi, the Makata manager, was all smiles at the number of people who came notwithstanding the strict cholera guidelines. He said Makata wants to be the leading brand in banana production.

“We are humbled by the support rendered to us by the community. We hope to be here in the long term,” he said

Phibeon Machuwaire, the local councillor said the company and farmers at large have shown that they want to contribute to the country’s per capita.

“Makata is an all weather friend to the people of Chipangayi. Their provision of employment goes a long way in empowering both the youth and women in this ward,” said Machuwaire.

Also at the gathering was Skumbuzo Thondlana, the Middle Sabi farmers chairperson.

In his keynote address, the guest of honour, Mr Rice Moyo, said he was impressed with the output at the farm. He said Middle Sabi farmers can emulate Makata in doing the right things to the soil and seeds planted if they are to have good yields.

“I am very impressed. Let us all take a cue from Makata and make our farms productive in order to make Zimbabwe great. We cannot just get good harvests without ourselves working hard,” he said.

Mr Salimo Kudooko, the accountant, said his company has made inroads into ploughing back to the community.

“As a company, we have contributed 20 grafted orange trees to the local village. We have also donated to the clinic and the police camp. Moreover, we pay school fees for 14 primary school learners and 6 secondary school learners,” he said.

Farai Chitambo is an A2 farmer who attended the field day said that he would set aside 20 hectares on his farm for banana production in the forthcoming season.

“Makata Bananas has promised me technical support as well as marketing of the bananas. For that I am thankful. Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo and I will be in the forefront of transforming the economic fortunes of my country by growing this sweet, delicious fruit,” he said.

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