Be free from regrets


LET it be a norm that self-control should always substitute anger, altercations and temper. People should learnt to restrain from unneeded emotions as it ends up alluring severe, harsh, unfriendly and even brutal consequences.

There are no rewards for altercations.

Some people`s greatest flaw lies in their inability to control their temper and they make no attempt to do so. God gave people a special and unique aspect of choice regardless consequences.

People who expose their temper in a short period of time should be aware that this can ruin someone’s life forever. Some have been locked behind bars after breaking laws owing to uncontrolled anger.

Some bones of contention in communities are so silly such as when a person commits murder for items which are worth less than US$1. It’s not a surprise that a number of people convicted of murder commit that crime unintentionally but law does not justify crazy statements like “it was a mistake” it is taken as a decision.

People should make decisions when they are not angry. Dialogue is the best way to settle differences. Decisions made in annoyance usually end in manner that is regrettable. Life free from regrets is the best.

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