Be humble, simple: Ayaflex

Mendy Mandirahwe

A reggae singer Ayaflex, is calling people to be simple and humble in life. Ayaflex says being humble in life pays.

“Just be simple and humble, it pays. A lot of people have lost much in life simply because they were not humble to others,” he said.

Born Herbert Magombedze about 45 years ago, Ayaflex or Aya is a Chipinge based artistes who has been recording since the year 2000.

“I do music as a part-time. I am a tiller by profession. I sing in English, Shona, Ndebele and Tswana. I don’t have a band of my own and doesn’t play any musical instrument. My genre is reggae conscious and dancehall.

“I have recorded more than 30 songs of which Hana yangu and My black beauty became hits. I have only one album titled Life challenges which comprises of the following songs: My black beauty, Respect elders, Summer time, Loving mom, Nherera ft Boik, It has been long, You make me complete and Young fresh ‘n’ green.

Ayaflex who is working on a new project which might be released in March this year is proud to have released two videos on YouTube.

“I want people to learn and understanding real music and to empower ghetto youth. I have faith in my album that it is one of the real music. I appreciate my wife, my sister, my kids and my fans,” he added.

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