Blame game won’t reach us anywhere – Student lawyer

Mendy Mandirahwe

Dianarose Chinyai

A law student with the University of Zimbabwe, Dianarose Chinyai, has sensationally claimed that blaming other people and situations can never reach people anywhere.

Dianarose was guest speaker at a Speech and Prize Giving Day that was held at Herentals Chipinge College on December 14, 2022 in Chipinge.

The lady is a former student of the Chipinge learning institution who got a scholarship from Herentals Group of Colleges and Schools after attaining 18 points at Advanced Level in 2020. No

Dianarose outlined that since the advent of Corona Virus Disease 2019, students have a tendency of blaming situations for their failure.

“Giving up in life is very easy. Thinking with your feet as you run away is very easier. If you look at me, I come from a humble background. My upbringing was not fancy at all. I was raised by a single mother who lived from hand-to-mouth, but I did not blame anyone.

Diana Chinyai (left) and Herentals College Chipinge School Head Tinashe Muneta (right) follow proceedings during the Speech and Prize Giving ceremony

“I don’t subscribe to the notion that a poor situation in life determines one’s future life. I came at this school when I was 23 years old to study Advanced Level and students here used to mock me that we are learning with an ancestor.

“This didn’t deter me. I have checked all those who were calling me an ancestor, they haven’t managed to achieve anything after school. Most of them are in the blame game.

“As students you have a tendency of blaming teachers that they are not competent. Others are blaming Covid 19 for their failures. The blame game won’t reach us anywhere. We have to work hard to achieve in life,” she said.

Dianarose hails from Tiya in rural Chimanimani. Her mother does menial jobs at a timber company in Chimanimani. She is now in the second year studying law at University of Zimbabwe. Her passion is family law.

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