CAES urges self-reliance

CAES Provincial Chairperson


CITIZENS Against Economic Sanctions (CAES) is encouraging Zimbabweans to be self-reliant when the country is under economic sanctions.

This was said by CAES Provincial Chairperson, Chamunorwa Madosi, during an anti-sanctions awareness program that was attended by 249 participants and was held in Chipinge Urban ward 6 on January 13, 2024. CAES Vice Secretary for Mobilisation, Simoyi Mhlanga chaired the program.

“One will feel the heat of the sanctions if s/he doesn’t have something to do. Micro, micro and medium enterprises are contributing emensely to the economy of Zimbabwe.

In that vein, we urge people to be self-reliant and generate some income. That way, one will not feel the hit of the sanctions,” he said.

Citizens Against Economic Sanctions in collaboration with Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development shall train citizens on how they can strangthen their businesses during the era when Zimbabwe is under economic sanctions.

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