Checheche Green Market Watch


WE have opened this week with an increased supply of sweet potatoes. The market began with more than 300 tonnes of the potatoes. Prices were pegged between US$4 and US$7 per bucket depending on the quality. The major suppliers came from Chimanimani, Shekwa, Chikore, Daisy Hill, Ngaone, Holland and Sakuinje

Potatoes supply increased as well. Mobile truck vendors are selling the product ranging from US$4-$10 depending on the pack size. Non-mobile vendors are selling potatoes at Checheche Beer Garden.

Tomatoes are selling between US$16 and US$28 per 30kg. Major sources are Chisumbanje, Chinyamukwakwa, Chibuwe, Chipangayi, Birchenough Bridge, Nyanyadzi and Macheke. Supply seems to be falling as indicated by a slight increase in the tomatoes. They are now selling at R10 for 7 from R10 for 10. The quality is also compromised a bit.

Vegetables: Demand for cabbages has declined owing to the increased supply of Covo, Tsunga (Mastard) and Rape from areas such as Mwanyisa, Rimai and Rukangare. Bulk bundles are being sold at R5 at Speed Market near Zaoga in the early hours of the morning. After 1000hrs, bulk is no longer available. Cabbage is selling for minimum 10 at Checheche Green Market. Cabbage is coming from Macheke and Chimanimani.

Okra from Chinyamukwakwa and Chisumbanje is selling between US$8 and US$10 per 20lt bucket depending on freshness.

Water melons are selling between R15 and R25 depending on the size. They are coming from Chinyamukwakwa and Chisumbanje irrigation schemes. Pumpkins are selling from R10 for 3 to R10 for 3.

Fresh ground nuts and fresh round nuts are available at Checheche Beer Garden Market and Checheche Green Market. Fresh groundnuts are coming from Chinyamukwakwa and Chisumbanje as round nuts are from areas such as Jersey, Mundanda, Gwenzi, Muzite, Mugondi, Mt Selinda, Tazviona, Pfidza and Chikore. A 20l bucket of ground nuts is going for US$7-8 as fresh round nuts are between US$10 and US12 per 20l bucket.

Nartjies are also available in the market and they are from Gwenzi, Muzite, Tazviona and Mt Selinda are selling from R1 for 2 to R1 each. Oranges are available in the market and the major supplying area was Chipangayi, Shekwa, Tazviona, Beacon Hill, Jersey and Muzite.

Dried mushroom is also available at Checheche Green Market and shop verandas.

  • Blessing Tauro is an Agricultural Economist based at Checheche in Chipinge. He can be contacted at or mobiles +263 714 549 904 and +263 778 833 101.

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