Checheche residents call for disaster fund


FOLLOWING a disaster that was caused by whirlwind on December 11, 2023 at Checheche in Chipinge South, a civic leader has called for the introduction of a cimmunity disaster fund.

In an interview, Combined Checheche Residents Association leader, Win Bhila suggested that the houses, durawalls, shop roofs were destroyed by whirlwind should be prepared for through introduction of a community disaster fund.

“We are sad that our community lost infrastructure due to whirlwind. Houses, durawalls, shop roofs were destroyed. Electricity poles were also affected leaving Checheche in darkness.

“We therefore urge residents of Chechevhe to introduce a community disaster fund which we shall use to compensate those who loose property to natural disasters,” he said.

Effort Manono, a resident of Mahachi village in Checheche, also confirmed the destruction and begged responsible authorities to assist the victims.

“The whirlwind left some villagers in the open. We plead with relevant authorities to assist the victims urgently,” he said.

Chipinge Rural Livelihoods and Women Empowerment (CLIWE ) team leader, Mary Mhaka said what happened in Checheche is a climatic issue and people need to be educated on climate change.

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