Chipinge residents, authorities pleased with climate change mitigation

Rotarian Melaine Machinga, Councillor Zivanai Nyakuchena and Rotarian Snapper Mutambara

RESIDENTS of Chipinge town and the local authorities are pleased with climate change mitigation that Rotary Club of Chipinge has embarked on.

The club in collaboration with Chipinge Town Council planted 100 mahogany trees along Chipinge-Birchenough Highway near the ‘Welcome to Chipinge” sign post area. The trees were donated to Rotary by a local company named Makandi.

One of the participants, Councillor Zivanai Nyakuchena, speaking on behalf of Chipinge town residents, said that tree planting is vital in protection of the future.

“As Chipinge community we are happy with Rotary Club of Chipinge’s gesture of planting trees along Mutare road. This beautifies our area and also helps to fight the occurrence of natural disasters as trees help reduce harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere,” he said.

Mikias Gwamanda and Melaine Machinga

Chipinge Town Council, represented by Manyuke Chirayeraye, emulated the environmental partnership between Rotary and the local authority.

“As a council, we build the town through partnership. The coming in of Rotary Club of Chipinge helps to improve and beautify our town. We need more partners in the environmental segment. If everyone plays his/her part, Chipinge has the potential to reach greater heights,” he said.

Manyuke Chirayeraye

District Forestry extension Officer for Chipinge, Patience Chiparange said that tree growing means life.

“We are happy that Rotary Club of Chipinge is planting trees. We know that trees are life and planting them means giving life,” she said.

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