Cholera vaccination for Chipinge

Chipinge District Health Promotions Officer, Exgratia Chidoko


THE Ministry of Health and Child Care in Chipinge District has come up witj a program to vaccinate people against cholera.

Speaking to this publication, Chipinge District Health Promotions Officer, Exgratia Chidoko said that the program shall be done in selected areas of the district.

“As Chipinge district, we shall be conducting a Oral Cholera Vaccination campaign (OCV) on dates to be announced.

“If one gets vacinnated, it does not mean that a person should not practise or maintain hygiene. If ill, one should also visit a health centre.

“We shall be targeting everyone above the age of 1 including pregnant women, the elderly and those with HIV/AIDS. We urge people come to the places where our health personnel shall be carrying out the vaccination exercises.

“Areas to be covered include Ward 4 (Tanganda & Musani), Ward 5 (Tongogara Refugee Camp, Chipangayi, Arda Middle Sabi), Ward 16 (Kondo), Ward 20 (Chibuwe), Ward 24 (St Peters, Checheche, Madhuku) and Ward 26 (Takwirira),” she said.

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