Clearwater hit-and-run incidents: Is it now fashion?


CLEARWATER resident Delight Munjoma was killed in a fatal accident in early hours of July 02 this year. Circumstances surrounding the incident aren’t very clear, but word doing rounds is that Delight was struck by a vehicle in a hit-and-run incident and left lying on the roadside.

The incident is assumed to have happened around 4am, close to Clearwater Estate Shops. The assumption is that the driver fled the scene without stopping or rendering aid, leaving the victim critically injured and bleeding.

This latest incident adds to a worrying trend of fatal accidents at Clearwater in Chipinge. The area of Clearwater had two other previous two fatal accidents where people were hit by hit-and-run vehicles.

According to a statement from a Clearwater Estate Company Security Officer, Muzimba Godfrey, who was guarding premises nearer to the Chipinge-Southdown Highway, “these days pirate taxi drivers are speeding in order to make more trips which would give them more money”.

He added, “during month-end days, drivers rush to Rattleshoek to beat traders’ times especially on the second day of each month when workers are paid. The trade day is now popularly known as Kwa 2.”

Muzimba is one of the security officers who rushed to the scene at around 0520hrs after receiving information pertaining to the death of Delight. He was in company of other security officers who positively identified the deceased person.

After that, they informed Clearwater Estate Company management, who in turn communicated with Zimbabwe Republic Police base at Mabheka Junction Gate. Investigations are still going on.

Residents of Clearwater are now worried who next victim of hit-and-run accidents in the area might be.

“Delight was known for his friendly demeanor and infectious smile, and his sudden and untimely death has left many residents in shock and mourning. Family members and friends have expressed their deep sorrow and are struggling to come to terms with the loss. We don’t know who is next. And why at Clearwater?” asked Oneday Manomano.

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