Clearwater Satanism scare: Maposa is a bad guy, we no longer want him here!

Maposa before village head Mwandepi’s traditional court


CLEARWATER community in Chipinge has described self proclaimed prophet Apostle Lawrence Dhukuza’s second-in-charge, a Maposa as a stubborn guy and that it no longer wants him and his self-proclaimed prophet Dhukuza in the area.

Maposa is fingered as the mastermind of a Satanism scare that took place at Clearwater Secondary School last Friday in Chipinge

Maposa and Dhukuza are leaders at Christ Life Church and were arraigned before village head Mwandeka’s traditional court which took place on March 14, 2023 at Clearwater schools ground.

Loud accusations could be heard from villagers. David Mwapinda, described Maposa as “stubborn and disrespectful and seems to have lost his mind.”

The two religious leaders are being alleged of practising satanism in the area and have been luring young secondary school learners to be their followers.

Despite being pressured to reveal the source of the powers which they have endowed on a silver ring that caused mayhem at the secondary school last week, Maposa refused to respond to the questions.

“Maposa this is bad, what is happening to your mind? Why are you killing the future of our kids?” asked the village head.

The so-called prophet Dhukuza was handed over to police for criminal nuisance and Maposa was fined US$200 which shall be used to cleanse the whole area of Clearwater with much focus given to a sacred mountain where Maposa and Dhukuza were using for their underworld business, the secondary school and the village.

“Why did you go to disturb our sacred mountain? Do you that this may cause several problems and may stop the rains from coming,” added village head Mwandeka.

The villagers at the traditional court felt that Dhukuza’s home and worship place should be searched since there is a high probability that some children may be living there as slaves. The village head insisted that if such might be happening, the police should act swifty to release such children from bondage.

Concluding the matter, village head Mwandeka unleashed that Dhukuza and his accomplices have broken the rule of law, by disrespecting a government institution.

“You invaded a government institution, threatened the school head and his staff members and intimidated innocent children. Law should take its course,” remarked the traditional leader.

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