Clearwater Satanism scare: Traditional leadership bans sect

Healers Mhlanga and Chagwadama


TRADITIONAL leadership at Clearwater in Chipinge has banned a controversial religious sect from operating in Chief Mutema’s territory, this publication can reveal.

Christ Life Church which belongs to self-proclaimed prophet, Apostle Lawrence Dhukuza has been banned following a controversial incidence where the sect leader undermined the authority of a government institution.

Dhukuza brought learning to a halt on 10 March 2023 when he threatened the school head, teachers and learners after a ring which he had given to one of the school learners (name withheld) was taken in custody by the school authorities.

Allegations are that the ring had been endowed with black magic with the intention to influence learners at the school to become Dhukuza’s followers. Fortunately to the learners, one teacher became suspicious and took the ring to the school head’s office for lock up.

Upon learning that the ring had been locked up, Dhukuza interrupted schooling the following day by ordering learners who are his followers to search for his ring in the school head’s office and also threatening the school head and his teachers that they will suffer from his “powers.”

Village heads Mwandeka and Magodoro conjointly banned the sect in their capacity as traditional heads on 18 March 2023 motivated by the results they got from investigation done by members of Zimbabwe Traditional and Faith Healers Association, two faith healers, Zviratidzo Zvavapositora Apostolic Church’s Senior Laber Wamer Ephraim Chagwadama and Doctor John Mhlanga.

The duo was assigned by the traditional leadership to make ‘spiritual’ investigations of Lawrence Dhukuza’s matter.

Mr Chagwadama alleged that Dhukuza acquired his powers in Mzansi.

“The so-called prophet acquired juju in South Africa when he was working in the mines. Most of the school students and a few teachers here have been attacked and they need to be helped. Some of the female students have been sexually exploited without their knowledge or consent since the culprits were using black magic on them. That explains why some students would sleep during lessons due to the after effects of black magic,” he said.

On the issue of the sacred Manhungumira mountain, the sect leader and his accomplices are alleged to have defiled the place.

The healers further alleged that most members of the sect who received donations or gifts from the sect leaders might have been defiled.

Reacting to these allegations, village head Mwandeka asked Dhukuza’s kingpin, Maposa, to respond to the allegations. Maposa admitted guilty.

Maposa and his accomplices were fined by the traditional court for breaching cultural ethics which binds and makes a community reputable.

“I am greatly disappointed by what this sect has done. It has disturbed the tranquility and has brought shame on Clearwater Secondary School and our community as a whole,” said village head Mwandeka.

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