Controversial Chipinge “prophet” defies Mutema orders, caught naked


A Chipinge based self-proclaimed prophet, Apostle Lawrence Dhukuza (35) of Christ Life Church and stays at Bosclof Business Centre near Clearwater Estates is in the headlines again, yet for other wrong reasons.

Dhukuza defied orders by Chief Mutema leadership that barred him from using sacred Manhungumira Mountain for his religious gatherings. He also trespassed into Clearwater Estate while he was totally naked.

The two incidents took places on July 22, 2023 soon after his release from Chipinge Prison, commonly referred as Mandikise.

In the first case, Dhukuza’s sect members climbed up the mountain celebrating his release from prison, thus defying a standing traditional leadership’s order of him and his organisation not using Manhungumira Mountain for religious purposes. Village head Mwandeka under Chief Mutema had declared in March this year that Dhukuza’s underworld activities had “defiled” the territory.

In the second case, Dhukuza trespassed into Clearwater Estate around 2am stark naked. Clearwater company security swiftly reacted and intercepted him before he could perform his underworld activities.

In March this year, Dhukuza had been slapped with a 12 months jail term by Chipinge Magistrate, Mr. Alfred Chinembiri for unlawful keeping into custody a 14 year old girl at his homestead. Six months of his sentence were suspended on condition of good behavior for the next five years.

Before the case which he was found guilty, the self proclaimed prophet had earlier disturbed the running of Clearwater Secondary School. He had intimidated the school administration that he would curse the whole institution if they didn’t return a ring which belonged to his sect. Word is that Dhukuza had given the magic laced ring to one student with the intent of recruiting learners at the school to join his sect.

More details to follow…

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