“Corruption takes two to tango”

Mr Gibson Runesu


“IT takes two to tango” is the message that was said by an energy official during a customer education workshop that was held last week by Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) in collaboration with Chipinge Business and Residence Trust (CBRET) in Chipinge at Chipinge Breezes Lodge.

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) Commercial Manager for Eastern Region, Mr Gibson Runesu echoed that sentiment answering some customers who had pointed fingers at the company that its smooth service is being overshadowed by acts of corruption.

“Our company’s property is suffering from vandalism, that is, the loss of cables and transformers. We can’t be everywhere but we ask you to help report the people who vandalise ZETDC property. We also have a challenge of aged equipment and that of lack of maintenance due to foreign currency problem. Suppliers need foreign currency for critical spares and other materials.

“On the issue of corruption, it takes two to commit a crime. There is no way that our staff can become corrupt unless the customers take themselves to commit a crime with them. We encourage you as clients to report any staff member who tries to solicit for a corrupt act,” he said.

Mr Runesu went further to warn customers who steal electricity through by-passing meters that ZETDC is introducing smart meters (SMARTVEND) which allows them to monitor meters from their offices and cut off supply to anyone who tempers with power supply.

During the same interface, ZERA’s Mr Masamvu outlined to the residents that as consumers they have their rights and responsibilities. He encouraged Individual Power Producers to avail themselves and that those who want to venture into the fuel and gas business should be licensed. He warned against illegal operations since they pose threat to people in their surroundings.

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