CTC nurses SMEs

Chipinge Town Council’s Acting Town Secretary James Mutemera (left) addresses business delegates


CHIPINGE Town Council (CTC) has revealed that it is nursing the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the eastern border town.

Addressing delegates during a workspace indaba that was organised by Chipinge Chamber of SMEs and was held at DePlaza Lodge in Chipinge on 23 February 2023, the Acting Town Secretary for CTC, James Mutemera indicated that the issue of workspace is on the council’s priority list.

“We are already nursing SMEs through availing workspaces. We have allocated workspace at Chikandiwa light industries as well as the fruit and vegetable market near the heavy industry area.

Some of the business delegates follow procedures during the workspace indaba

“When SMEs are going to apply for work space they must answer to one of the 14 Pillars of NDS1. As Chipinge we need SMEs to answer to Value Addition and Beneficiation and Economic growth. We wish for SMEs to graduate from small to medium and to large industries as we answer to vision 2030.

“They must move out of hiding zones and come open. The work spaces increases exposure, networking and marketing.

“For now we encourage investors to come into areas of Infrastructure Development and Utilities like hotels and conferences, Education, Health Infrastructure, Cultural Tourism and also into tertiary education like colleges and universities.

“Young SMEs should come more on value addition and climb the value chain ladder,” he said.

The chamber appreciated CTC for enlightening SMEs on the business vision that the town council is carrying.

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