Let’s write Ndau literature

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Mr Penyai (2nd from left) shows some of the Ndau literature to Chimanimani FM personeel

A seasoned Ndau author, Ishmail Penyai, who is a affectionately known as Dr Tsurangoko in arts circles, has sensationally urged people to focus on Ndau literature.

“I have written many Ndau language books including Tsurangoko, Nhekwe dziri kanyi and and others which are being assessed if that can be used in the school curriculum.

Some of the Ndau literature available on the market

“I urge more writers to come forth and help support our language. Ndau is now an official language and we need to support it by writing books. No idea is little or shallow. When one feels to have an idea, let’s put it in writing. We need more Ndau books,” he said.

Asked how he has managed to publish more than ten books, Mr Penyai indicated that an author should be ready to fund his/her works.

“Since I started writing, I have been funding the projects own my own. If you wait for one to fund you, then you might die before publishing. Funders come when they see something on hand. So let’s write and look for funders later,” added Penyai.

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