Developing a school is developing a nation


EDUCATION develops a nation.

Quoting the words of a director of one of Chipinge’s junior schools who recently said that “an educated nation is easy to deal with;” anyone who supports education in the country is bringing life-long development.

Educated people can reason before committing destructive actions. An educated populace spares time to analyse issues and find the best favourable solutions.

Learners are guided by teachers who take fatherly and motherly role. Despite possessing minimal resources, the teachers devort their time educating the young souls. End of day, education builds a nation.

With the ever growing population in towns and rural areas, schools are expanding everyday. More classroom blocks are required to avoid learners experience “hot sitting.”

In Chipinge, public schools such as Gaza O primary and Gaza High are still being constructed to cater for the evergrowing needs of learners.

Cement donated by Mr Mwaingeni at Gaza O Primary School

It is common that schools tend to levy parents and guardians in order to fund building projects. The parents and guardians’ burden is sometimes eased by organisations or individuals who can donated towards the development of school building.

Last week, an individual, donated towards schooling in Chipinge urban. He donated cement at Gaza ‘O’ Primary School and paint at Gaza High School.

Stella Majecha, one of the School Development Committee (SDC) members at Gaza O Primary School thanked Mwaingeni for the donation which she said will go a long way in developing the school.

“We applaud the move by Mwaingweni by placing a helping hand in the development of our school, we are still developing as a school and we are trying to run away from these wooden shacks into the modern day classroom hence this move of cement donation goes a long way in making that happen,” said Majecha.

Paint that was donated by Mr Mwaingeni at Gaza High School

John Gwenzi, a Building Studies teacher at Gaza High School who received the donation on behalf of the school, in his statement to the well-wisher said, “Your donation shall go a long way in beautifying our school. As you can see we have classroom blocks that are about completion hence they need to be painted as soon as they are completed therefore this donation will go a long way in aiding that initiative.”

Schools regular more support and gestures such as donating towards the construction of school shall alleviate the burden of levying parents and guardians with building levies.

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