Devera Ngwena Vol 43 album launch: What fans, analysts say.

Devera Ngwena Vol 43 album launch: What fans, analysts.
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FOURTY-Three years as a recording artiste and availing of a forty third album is something that is exciting fans and analysts.

This is what legendary Jonah Moyo the leader of Devera Ngwena Jazz Band is doing.

Jonah Moyo, who is now a music staffer at Great Zimbabwe University in Masvingo, is set to release a new album titled Devera Ngwena Vol 43 – “Wandibaya panyama nhete” featuring Jonisai Machinya.

The album contains 7 songs; “Amai va Dee,” “Masvingo yotinhira,” “Ndozvandiri,” “Chikondi,” “Wangu Tee,” “Zvangu Zvauya” and “Linda” and is set to be officially launched on November 23, 2022 at 7pm on ZBC National FM.

According to music analyst, Teramai “Terry” Maphosa, “The legend Jonah Moyo’s magic which propelled his music to greater heights is that when he released his debut song, Devera Ngwena Zhimozhi, it was the first ever fast, danceable track to emerge from colonal era Zimbabwe.

“Most danceable music came from one man guitarists such as Ngwaru Mapundu, Sinyoro Jackson Chinembiri and Pamhidza Benhura to name just but a few. Those who had full bands didn’t produce fast, danceable music. People were acquainted to fast music from the Great Lakes, genres such as rhumba and kanindo,” he said.

Terry is happy that the legend is launching Vol 43 belting the beat which he was a pacesetter.

“All other fast beats music which followed in Zimbabwe and are christened sungura or any of its sub-genres were derived from Jonah Moyo’s influence. In that sense, I can safely say that Jonah Moyo qualifies to be the godfather of sungura,” added Maphosa.

A rooted Devera Ngwena fan, Rensburg “Rens Policeman” Mapolisa said, “First and foremost I say congratulations to Mkoma Jonah Moyo for Vol 43 album launch. I admire the album sleeve design as well all the marketing he is doing.

“As to our culture, the Devera family is expected to buy Volume 43 in their numbers before, on and even after the day of launch. We urge fans to get radio links such as Kwaziso/Ukubingilelana where songs are requested. We should prioritise Devera Ngwena Vol 43 songs on our radio music request programs. That way we will do justice to the legend’s new music,” he said.

Marhula music icon and Jonah Moyo’s associate, Josefa Chauke said, “I want to thank Mr Moyo for working with Mr Jonisai Machinya on the album. This brings the original Devera Ngwena flavour. We are looking forward to the return of Mr Innocent Bitu to the crew,” he said.

Jonah Moyo released several yester year hits such as “Barbra,” “Marondera,” “Solo naMutsai,” “Grema wepamoyo,” “Fundisa Umlomo wakho,” “Wangu P,” “Too Cheap,” and “Svika feya feya” which saw him bag more than 40 accolades.

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