Dhukuza’s trespassing backfires


CONTROVERSIAL self-proclaimed prophet, Apostle Lawrence Dhukuza (35) of Christ Life Church who resides at Bosclof Business Centre in Chipinge regrets the day he trespassed while naked into Clearwater Estates on 22 July 2023. Dhukuza has paid his deeds with his health.

The controversial sect leader is currently in critical conditions as he got seriously injured when he tried to flee from company security guards who pursued him upon noticing that someone had trespassed into the private property.

“He failed to negotiate some barbed wire fencing when he was speeding to avoid being caught by company security. His lower body was severely injured,” said one witness.

One security guard relates, “I saw something that looked like a zombie. I quickly called for backup. When we lit the premises using out torches, that is when we noticed it was a naked human being. We then walked towards him but he avoided to meet us. That is when he ran away at full speed. When he tried to jump into Clearwater Clinic yard, that is when the unfortunately happened. Barbed wire slices his lower body including his privates. Thats where we nabbed him.”

Clearwater Estate’s Estate Manager/Accountant, Joseph Rangarirai Shambare and Security Sergeant Bigim Shoko confirmed the incident.

Dhukuza was kept in security custody until his wife came in the morning at around 7am with some clothes for him to dress up.

One community leader in Chipinge Central, Godfrey Muzimba said, “Now it’s clear that Dhukuza is involved in underworld activities.”

It is widely suspected that Dhukuza acquired some magical powers in Nigeria before he started his religious sect.

Dhukuza had just been released from Chipinge Prison where in March this year, he was slapped with a 12 months jail term by Chipinge Magistrate Mr Alfred Chinembiri for unlawful keeping into custody a 14 year old girl at his homestead. Six months of his sentence were suspended on condition of good behavior for the next five years.

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