Donkey mysteriously munches Chipinge woman


IN a strange occurrence, a Kondo woman in Chipinge was recently rescued while her hand was being chewed by a donkey.

A source privy to this strange happening, that preferred to remain anonymous, said that the animal attacked the woman as she was seated on her veranda.

“Sarah Nyemudzo came from her field and sat on the veranda of her house. She was a bit tired owing to the hard work she was doing in the fields. That is when donkey came straight from the bush and entered her yard. It then attacked the woman.

“Nyemudzo was helpless. She only managed to scream for assistance. That is when other women from surrounding homes managed to intervene. The donkey had chewed part of her hand. Blood was gushing profoundly,” she said.

The strange incident left many people dumbfounded. Many claimed that it was their first time to witness such an occasion.

“This is unbelievable. A lot of people were left in suspense following Nyemudzo’s refusal to have clinical medication after the attack,” said Moline Buzu.

“Nyemudzo denied going to the hospital after receiving first aid. Despite her wound being a serious one, she refused going for clinical medicine. I don’t know if this is attached to her cultural or religious beliefs,” said Tsitsi Mhlanga.

The donkey disappeared totally when a villager, Kailas Masimango, suggested that the animal should be captured and be surrendered to the village head.

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