“Don’t engage reverse gear” new devotees urged


PERSONS who dedicated their lives to Jehovah God during a Circuit Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses have been urged not to reverse in their Christian life. The curcuit assembly took place on December 10, 2023 at Goldfields Complex in Chipinge town. The morning session was attended by 642 delegates.

In a Baptism and Dedication discource that was given by Brother Gift Muyingwa, the new devotees were urged to keep focused ahead.

“The road which you have decided to walk in has no reverse mode. You need support from the Creator, Jehovah God in order to keep walking ahead without engaging into reverse mode. Reversing in this path will disturb others,” he said.

A total of 12 persons dedicated their lives to Jehovah God through baptism in water during the assembly. Of the baptised members, the youngest were two 10 year-old girls and the oldest being a 50 year old man.

Jehovah’s Witnesses baptise people after one has studied a free Bible course and has shown deep understanding of what the Bible requires one to do in order to keep in God’s love.

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