Don’t leave PwDs behind: Disability Senator

Senator Hon Nasper Manyau (right) follows proceedings as FPDZ Director Wallace Mupfumwa (left) looks on.
Pic credit: A. Chiroodza


SOCIETY has been looking down upon a person whenever it happens that the soul faces a challenge of impairment at birth or even at a later stage in life. As a result, it became a stereotype that even the Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) would look down upon themselves.

Disability Senator, Hon Nasper Manyau is challenging society to incorporate Persons with Disabilities in whatever it would be doing.

Senator Manyau descended onto Chimanimani on 9 February 2023 where she held a consultative meeting with her disability constituency.

The senator was accompanied by the Director of Freedom to the Disabled Persons in Zimbabwe (FDPZ), Wallace Mupfumwa. FDPZ facilitated the meetings.

“We are encouraging Persons with Disabilities to be self-reliant. We encourage those without impairment to incorporate Persons with Disabilities. They should work with our members in whatever way possible especially in development and should treat themselves.

“As Persons with Disabilities, we are moving with the Zimbabwean mantra of not leaving anyone behind. So all people should not leave PwDs behind in all programs,” she said.

During the interface, PwDs in Chimanimani requested for Paralympics games to be brought to the district among other developments. The women quota requested for income generating projects so that they can be able to look after their families.

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