FACT partners Chipinge College of Horticulture

Some products done by welding students at the college


A development partner, Family AIDS Caring Trust (FACT), has partnered Chipinge College of Horticulture by sponsoring some students who graduated last Friday (31 March 2023). Of the 132 students who graduated, 50 of them were sponsored by FACT.

FACT, with funding from USAID, sponsors 50 female students annually and they graduated on Friday. Fifty other students are still at the college learning different courses tailor-made to beat unemployment in the country.

In a keynote address, Mr Victor Ngwenya, the Centre Administrator for the college, felt humbled by the generosity of the development partner.

The students received certificates in the arenas of Motor Mechanics, Brick and Block laying, Carpentry and joinery, Cosmetology, Garment making, Welding, Plumbing and drain laying.

Cleopatra Mbendana, a student in Commercial Agriculture, said she had learnt a lot since she was enrolled at the institution.

“It’s amazing how one’s life can be changed by getting new learning,” she said.

The president of United Church of Christ (UCCZ) which run the college, Dr John Matiza, blasted drug abuse and the reliance of youths on false prophets.

“You cannot hope to succeed by visiting false prophets in an effort to get rich quickly. Youths have to run away from drugs and lead clean lives. Excellence and quality can never be substituted. Be the best you can be?” he said.

In the context of Education 5.0, the college is on hand to equip students with skills that fit in the modern world.

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