For a woman in need

For a woman in need

SHE wishes October 21 should not ever come this year. It brings her wild memories.It brings her permanent wild memories.

For a day which had started just like any other day, 21 October later became horror for the Mutongi family of medium density in Chipinge. The house which they were renting caught fire and they lost every valuable thing that was inside the house.

According to Mrs Mutongi, the fire started after the family had lit a candle around 7pm.

“We lit a candle since there was no power. We got outside doing other chores. Later,  neighbour shouted to us that the house was on fire. We tried our level best to extinguish the fire but it was too big for us,” she narrated.

With the family having no roof above them, there was need for well wishers to chip in. That is when a friend to Mrs Mutongi, Miss Petronella Musona took them into her home.

“We are grateful that my friend Petronella Musona asked us to move into her house in the medium density area. I don’t what we would have been doing if she had not intervened. We were left with no food, clothing, utensils and even a roof above us. With the approaching rainy season, it was going to be a nightmare especially for our little kids,” added Mrs Mutongi.

Mutongi’s two kids are learners at a private institution, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. In response to the family ordeal, the school director, Mrs Tina Chirwa (popularly known as Mbuya Chikisa) cancel all the family dues (fees and food) and also went further to donate a pair of uniforms for  each child.

When this writer was still with the family, another well-wisher, Eastview Community Club, came to donate some few items for needy family.

Mrs Mutongi wishes the burden that is on her shoulder could vanish one day.

“Issues of hospitality in the home are tied on the shoulders of a woman. That is part of African tradition. I wish this could pass and I can breath fresh air again,” she concluded.

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