Germans’ love for Zim

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TWO youthful souls, a male and a female, are walking at a normal speed enjoying the scenery of Chimanimani. They head for the government offices which are on a higher terrain. There, Chimanimani Village buildings can be viewed well. The guy takes some few pictures.

Lennart Zimmer (left) and Sophie Maar (3rd from left) meets Chimanimani FM’ Temba Gata (2nd from left) and Simbarashe Zhovha (right)

The duo now heads for the road that passes through Chimanimani FM. We are standing outside the radio station getting fresh air.

The two new faces draw near us. We greet them and introduce ourselves. They also introduce themselves as Lennart Zimmer and Sophie Maar. Lennart reveals that they are tourists who came to know of Zimbabwe through a friend that recommended them to visit our lovely country.

Lennart further reveals that their port of entry was Cape Town in South Africa. They then used a bus to Harare, Zimbabwe. In Harare, that is where they boarded a bus to Chimanimani. After Chimanimani they are going to visit Great Zimbabwe in Masvingo, then Victoria Falls before winding their African tour.

Lennart Zimmer and Sophie Maar (centre) with Chimanimani FM’s Dj Boss B (left) and Simbarashe Zhovha (right)

We invite them to have a tour of Chimanimani FM studios. Inside the radio, we put them on air and they talk big about Zimbabwean people’s hospitality. After the radio interview, the tourists take a few photos inside the radio for their memories.

On a parting note, Lennart and Sophie promise to come again to Zimbabwe in the near future. They declare boldly that Zimbabwe is good.

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