Government invites applications for Presidential Scholarships

THE Government has invited aspiring undergraduate and post-graduate students to apply for Presidential Scholarships aspirants within their provinces for selection before the end of this month.

Aspiring undergraduate students should have obtained 10 points at Advanced Level for the disciplines they want to undertake while those intending to enrol for post-graduate programmes should have Upper Second Class Degree classification in their programmes.

Aspiring students can apply for programmes in the Faculties of Engineering, Health Science, Science and Technology, Agricultural Sciences, Management Sciences, Sports and Social and Human Sciences.

In a statement, Chief Director of Presidential and National Scholarships Dr Wadzanai Kachere said the Government is targeting disadvantaged but gifted learners for the scholarships.

“The Presidential and National Scholarships Department in the Office of the President invites applicants to register with the Department for Scholarship Nomination for the 2024/2025 Academic Year. The registration process targets able but disadvantaged and academically gifted qualifying students mainly from rural areas of the country’s 10 provinces, intending to pursue undergraduate and post-graduate studies at foreign universities in the following disciplines: Engineering, Health Services, Science and Technology, Agriculture Sciences, Management Science, Sports and Social and Human Sciences,” said Dr Kachere.

She said undergraduate aspirants should have a minimum of 10 points at A Level in subjects that are relevant to the chosen degree programme and must be 25 years of age and below by 31 January 2025.

“Undergraduates for science and technology disciplines should have either A or B in relevant A Level subjects,” she said.

“For Masters and PhDs, applicants must have at least an Upper Second Degree classification in the relevant field of study. Masters applicants should be below 35 years of age, and PhD applicants should be below 40 years of age 31 January 2025.”

Dr Kachere said applicants should have a valid passport or have proof of application, write an application letter as well as write a motivational letter.

She said applicants should also reference two letters from different persons or institutions and certified copies of A Level and O Level results slips or certificates.

Dr Kachere said post-graduate applicants should submit certified copies of transcripts from their universities.

Applicants are also required to produce certified copies of their birth certificates and IDs.

Dr Kachere said they should also produce a CV showing the district of origin as shown by the birth certificate and ID and three functioning phone or cellphone contacts.

She said all registration documents should be submitted by 31 January.

Dr Kachere said applicants should submit names to the offices of the Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution within provinces of origin.

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