He is promoting soccer at grassroots level

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SPORT plays a pivotal role in remote communities. Such communities usually lack entertainment and the availability of sport helps to rejuvenate pastime life of people.

Titus Shenjere (39) of Stage 3A Middle Sabi understands the importance of sport in such communities. He is currently sponsoring a men’s soccer team named Masettler FC.

In an interview with this publication, Titus deliberated that he was inspired to sponsor a team by what a Mutema businessman did.

“My zeal to sponsor a team came when he attended a tournament that was sponsored by Mr Marwa of Mutema which he bankrolled a side named Mutema FC five years ago. He also sponsored a competition called Marwa Tournament.

“My feeling to grant money to our homeland players came from the innermost of my heart, even if the team loses, I remain calm albeit I want them win. I want to take Masettler FC to greater heights, and to mould players who would be marketable to bigger teams nationally and internationally.

“There are a lot of talented players who are remaining idle because they are not seen,” he said.

Mr Shenjere further put it across that anyone who wishes to co-sponsor Masettler FC is welcome.

Apart from his soccer passion, Mr Shenjere is a well known Archbishop of Kubata Kwavatumwa Apostolic Church which he formed in 2011 in South Africa. He also works for Ability Electrical and Projects in South Africa where gets the money to sponsor the team.
Mr Shenjere also intends to assimilate women soccer and netball to ensure gender equality in the society.

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