Is NDS1 inclusive of the disabled?

Hon Chiduwa


ON November 16, 2020, the President of Zimbabwe, Dr Emmerson Mnangagwa launched National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) which helps people to understand Vision 2030.

One of the questions that people might ask is whether the National Development Strategy 1 is inclusive of People with Disabilities (PWDs).

Some of the issues raised during the question-and-answer session during the sensitization tour by the deputy minister of Finance and Economic Development, Hon Clemence Chiduwa in Chipinge and Chimanimani his tour between March 29 and March 03 this year, indicated that inclusivity is indeed part of NDS1 for them to understand Vision 2030.

Community Based Organisation named Inclusive Global Organisation’s Communications Manager, Livingstone Mtetwa, was concerned with how People with Disabilities in the rural areas are left out in most developmental programmes.

In responses, the deputy minister of Finance and Economic Development indicated that government was prioritizing their concern.

“The public sector is introducing a help desk for People with Disabilities in all its departments. All structures of government are expected to be inclusive of PwDs. This should not end with government arms only but should also be adopted by the private sector,” said Hon Chiduwa.

In Chimanimani, the honourable minister assured that the disabled shall not be left out in any development programme.

“The Government of Zimbabwe is inclusive of the disabled. Under NDS1 program, there is no tier that will leave out the disabled. All the concerns of the disable shall be given priority and we are happy that we have already started doing so,” he said.

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