ISALs make sense for Chipinge women

ISALs make sense for Chipinge women

Takunda D. Ndumiyana

AS the festive season draws near, many families face expenses that balloon due increased budgets. The festive season has its own shopping frenzy.

As many people might be scratching their heads on what to buy and when to buy, members of a burial society in Gaza, Chipinge are already smiling. They have already budgeted for the season.

The scheme called Supreme Burial Society is found in Chipinge urban Ward 5 and has 28 female members.

According to the coordinator of the initiative, Enes Mhlanga, who is a former councillor of that ward, Supreme Burial Society was formed to empower the woman.

“We formed this scheme when one resident faced a medical problem. She had suffered an intestine complication and needed urgent surgery. I coordinated donation of US50c per head towards the medication fund.

“We are happy that our residents responded so well that the patient managed to get medication in Mutare and now she is healed. From there, we suggested that we should not wait for emergency to happen so that we pool money.

“We agreed that the most stressing emergency is death so we needed to prepare for such. That saw the birth of Supreme Burial Society. We started to pool $1 per month per member,” said Enes Mhlanga.

From the proceeds, Supreme Burial Society bought catering equipment which included containers, pots and other kitchen utensils.

“We are hired to cook at funerals using our full range catering equipment. Depending on a household’s financial status, we sometimes donate our service to the poor families.

“Our project is transforming lives. We have introduced a peanut butter project to increase income. Our husbands are so happy with our savings and dividends. We hope that the society shall grow into a company,” added Mhlanga.

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