It’s final day for JW Regional Convention in Chipinge

REGIONAL Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses has reached its third and final day at Chipinge Junior School in Chipinge. Business Wave is in attendance and giving you updates on Day Three of the Bible-based program.


0900: Delegates are taking up their seats.

0920: Program begins with a Music-Video Presentation.

0940: A symposium titled “A Pattern of Exercising Patience​—The Prophets” begins.

1112: A public Bible discourse Public titled “Will God Act in Your Behalf?” begins.

1145: The Watchtower study is being summarised now.

1220: A total of 804 delegates have attended the morning session of Day Three.

1220: Lunch break.


1335: Afternoon session begins with a Music-Video Presentation

1350: Part 2 of the feature drama titled “Commit Your Way to Jehovah” is now screening.

1440: The final discourse titled “Jehovah Is Waiting Patiently to Show You Favor” begins.

1540 Delegates sing New Original Song.

1550: A total of 864 delegates attended the afternoon session of Day Three.

1550. Day Three ends.

1550: The Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses program closes.

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