Life free from stresses


THE state of being away from other people should be strange to everyone. There is nothing splendid about detachment. Isolation is a calling bell of perilous happenings. Having valuable material possessions is not a passport to isolation.

In the scriptures, Adam was given a helper by God at Genesis chapter 1 verse 27.

Isolation has led to the consumption of drugs and harmful substances or even committing suicide by some people because they had no friends. They pictured socialisation as the “other” world.

There is nothing important in taking yourself a special being. The end result of such is attracting oneself to burdens.

Happiness is a product of peace of mind. Devastations leave everything torn apart and beyond repair. One should someone should be available to others in order to be encouraged, moulded so that suicidal thoughts can be avoided.

Comradeship, fraternity, sorority are barometers used to lower stresses. Nations, communities, organisations preach unity other than isolation. Other people should be there to cover up your greatest flaws. There is high efficiency in togetherness.

Isolation weakens unity. It’s a virus that destroys individuals, families, communities and nations.

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