Massive tree planting for Tongogara Refugee Camp begins today

RCCA Team Leader, Gawaar Juich (right) and young Deluxe (left) collect some of the donated trees from Clearwater in Chipinge.


A massive tree planting program for Tongogara Refugee Camp (TRC) in Chipinge begins today. The program is expected to start at 0615hrs.

Refugee Coalition for Climate Change (RCCA) which is spearheading the program is working in collaboration with government arms in Chipinge district and is getting support from various development partners and individuals who are donating trees to the organisation.

Speaking to this publication, RCCA Program Manager, Gracia Masimango, indicated that the organisation has received more than 1 000 trees.

“We are humbled that our programme is receiving much support from individuals, development partners and individuals who are donating trees towards our re-greening initiative for the refugee camp and host communities.

“We have received more than 1 000 trees that we are going to plant in the refugee camp. Today (08 April 2023), we are expecting to plant the first batch of between 60 and 100 trees depending on the number of people who shall come out to participate,” she said.

Refugee Child’s Coalition for Climate Action (RCCA) is a refugee youth-led initiative that facilitates a child-youth participation approach to climate and environmental action at Tongogara Refugee Camp, Zimbabwe. Its projects include re-greening, waste management and environment awareness.

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