Matsotsi Crew despise Dancehall violence, drug abuse

Trust Bvaranga

MIDLANDS based Matsotsi Crew is breathing new life into Dancehall.
Music icon Perfect Chivima, popularly known as “JahReezy” and leads Matsotsi Crew says that the genre should be free of violence and mocking each other.
JahReezy is the founder of the “Matsotsi Crew,” a brand which is an influential antenna for the youths and elders who reside in the Midlands province. This crew has vowed to support and alter the Dancehall genre which is considered to be harmful to the society.

Dancehall music has been known for conflicts and violence. The Matsotsi music crew got rid of this pattern and turned the dancehall music industry into a meaningful music genre.

“Dancehall is our everyday life experience, we sing what we encounter, and therefore the society creates the content for us. We came from the dusty Ghettos and we are proud to dance all the day and night in the dust but society is too busy to notice us.
“For instance, Narrator (real name Tribe Mupoperi) a chanter in Matsotsi music crew released a track titled Munamato Wematsotsi which aimed at drawing attention of the society and sought for funders to intervene to facilitate the youths in arts. The track became popular across Midlands Province because of its enlightenment,” he said.

Reezy suggested that every youth deserves to be given a chance to express his/her talent in the society. He also added that, “reggae is culture, gospel is soul, and dancehall is a way of life.”

Mr. Zuva Prince Zuva who is also a crew member performed at a local Passa Passa in Woodlands, Gweru and attracted quite a number of fans. Passa Passa is a music performance that is done in communities or locations without payments just to show talents.

His track God is love dissolved the perception that Dancehall is violent. He urged ghetto youths to refrain and abstain from drugs and other substances that are harmful to human health.

Another member in Matsotsi Crew popularly known as King Larry real name Leeroy Munyaradzi released a track Dem Fi Kno which was produced by Terry Bho at Acquisitive Studio also shed light to the youths that they can succeed in life. King Larry remarks “youths are the future leaders of tomorrow.”

Dancehall is the most common vibe in the streets. Kings create Kingdoms, Emperors build empires, Fathers, Mothers borne families, in the Dancehall world it is a way of life for subalterns.

Matsotsi Music Crew in Midlands has galvanized the Dancehall world with their influence and impact in Midlands as they promise to continue creating champions and leaders in the Youths and Art Industry.

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