“NODED leaves no one behind”


A self-help organisation, National Organisation for the Development of the Disadvantaged (NODED), has revealed that it leaves no one behind. This came out during a graduation ceremony that was held at Tongogara Refugee Camp recently.

“NODED has so far recorded a milestone achievement in terms quality graduates, with some who have started their own companies in the capital city of Zimbabwe.

“Children who have faced challenges in their primary or secondary education, even those who cannot write, are accepted at NODED. We are not leaving anyone behind,” said chairperson Mr John Mukangai.

NODED executive director, Fungai Samukange said, “Parents and guardians are encouraged to enroll their children with NODED since it offers courses at affordable prices yet it gives high quality practical education.”

Students who received their certificates regarded their graduation as a life-time achievement.

“It was tough to grasp some of the technical jargons at first but with the conviction and commitment I made it. I enjoyed mostly the practical part of the course,” averred Takudzwa Makhuyana.

NODED official Mr Penzura added that their organisation in addition to technical course which include Motor Vehicle Techniques, Carpentry, Cosmotology, Welding, Garment Making and Building, they promote other talents such as music, soccer, basketball and many more, which are shaped as part and parcel of their career talents.

Moreover, he cited that, other than imparting them with knowledge of their studies they are also taught discipline and culture. They are also groomed to respect and obey parents.

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