Pipe theft hits Middle Sabi


PIPE theft has seriously hit farmers at ARDA Stage 3A in Middle Sabi, commonly known as settlers. The theft cases are at an alarming rate that the crops are wilting now and again.

Masettler Irrigation Scheme Chairperson, Temba Tonhlana, bemoaned that the culprits are doing a disservice to the economy.

“The thieves are targeting aluminium irrigation pipes in the farms at an unprecedented rate, stealing expensive equipment. People who sell three-legged aluminium pots are chief suspects. It’s either that they are the culprits themselves or are the ones conniving with thieves.

“The aluminium pipes are very expensive on the market. We usually buy them using loans from banks. To have one steal them means a foiled high yield due to crop wilt. This is seriously affecting our economy,” he said.

A security hand at Chipangayi indicated that the farmers are losing both in the fields and at home.

“Police at Middle Sabi are doing their best to bring the culprits to book but the thieves are always coming with new tricks. When they fail to get the pipes in the farms, they steal in the homes.

“We suspect that the thieves are coming from area such as Chikore, Dzika, Chivaraidze, and Checheche to steal irrigation pipes from farmers. Some of them arm themselves with bows and arrows, catapults and other dangerous weapons. Others walk with cunning dogs,” said Steven Charwadza.

Recently, an employee of Mr Albert Bvaranga survived narrowly when he was attacked by one of the gangsters. He asserted that when he discovered a pit where pipe heads were dumped, it gave him a suggestion that thieves are interested in plain parts of the pipes.

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