Please heed storms

Mendy Mandirahwe

Chimanimani DDC Joseph Manyurapasi

CIVIL Protection Unit (CPU) in Chimanimani has urged people in the district to be on the lookout for storms this rainy season.

The chairperson for Chimanimani CPU, District Development Coordinator Joseph Manyurapasi, encouraged citizens to do in a speech which he gave and was aired on Chimanimani FM yesterday (18 December 2022) evening.

“Following some notices which were relayed by the Department of Metrological Services about projected storms, we are encouraging our people to be on the outlook for storms and take precautionary measures.

“We want to protect life. We encourage our 21 ward committees to be on the watch so that they can quickly inform us of any disaster or challenge so that we can swiftly react.

“People should avoid crossing or play in rivers. Some places can receive heavy rains while ours doesn’t receive any. In such cases, waters from other places might flood our rivers while we are unaware.

“Those in low lying areas should move to higher grounds in case of flooding. We must protect our lives and property,” said.

Chimanimani experience storm related challenges since the advent of Tropical Cyclone Idai which hit the region in March 2019 and killed more than 250 people leaving thousands other injured.

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