Poetry: Karanda Mission Hospital

A poem by Francis Muzofa (@pope)

I don’t know you, Karanda.
I have never seen you, Karanda.
I have never visited you, Karanda.
I would however love to visit you, Karanda.
Not to visit you when I am sick, Karanda.
But visit you when I am still fit, Karanda.
I want to see how you are, Karanda?
I want to see how you are structured, Karanda?
What makes you tick, Karanda?
When others are tick infested–dying.

Karanda! Karanda the Oasis.
Karanda in Kalahari.
Thirst animals from the entire Kalahari visit for a quench.
Lions–elephants–baboons–ants, all track down to the oasis.

Karanda you are the epitome of health.
You are talk of the hood.
The best wood in the woods.
Like a lion in the woods—you rour.
Your roar echoes in the mountains.
May it grow, so that maybe.
Just maybe, the other mountains
Can catch sound and try to emulate you.
Everyone knows someone, who you helped Karanda—against the odds.
You accommodate All.
You don’t judge, you just do your job to the best of your abilities.
Very unfortunate some battles you lose.
Thank God you successes far outweigh your defeats.

Karanda my hero—
I like the way you do the things you do—
Keep doing the things you do, to the best of your abilities.
Karanda Hospital —one in a thousand.
A thousand in one.

In a sea of poverty—I wish you more success.
In a leprosy infested health sector—I wish you angelic immunity
I wish you and all your health personnel, more life, wisdom and success.

To your sponsors—salute.
Thank God we have You.
The animals proudly celebrate your presence Karanda.

5 thoughts on “Poetry: Karanda Mission Hospital

  1. Growing up, we used to sing an old more like cultural song which goes like ISU TAUYA PANO, DAI TAUYA TOSE, DAI TIRIVAZHINJI, NHASI TAONANA, TITI! TITI…

    If they were many Karandas..

  2. A befitting eulogy to Karanda Mission Hospital Pope! Indeed we all know someone who has been helped and who’s life has been saved at Karanda. May it continue to touch people’s live, God bless ..

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