“Prepare for challenges and temptations”


JEHOVAH’S Witnesses have been encouraged to prepare for challenges and temptations that they are likely to face in the future. This came out at a Circuit Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses that took places at Goldfields Complex in Chipinge town on December 10, 2023.

The circuit assembly ran under the theme “Eagerly Wait for Jehovah.”

In a three-part symposium titled “Imitate Those Who Eagerly Waited,” one of the the speakers, Brother Givemore Sikanda, outlined lessons that can be drawn from the Biblical Apostle John when he was facing challenges. He narrated how Apostle John persevered hardships during his stay at the Island of Patmose where he was in captivity.

The speaker outlined how, like Apostle John, believers can face challenges and temptations in their lives now and in the future. The symposium helped delegates to see how they can wait for Jehovah wholeheartedly when situations are bad for believers.

The circuit assembly ran under the theme “Eagerly Wait for Jehovah” and was attended by 642 delegates during the morning session. The event saw 12 persons baptised in water.

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