RCCA-Green Institute partnership kicks into action

RCCA-Green Institute partnership kicks into action
Steve Ephraem

The partnership between Tongogara Refugee Camp’s Refugee Child’s Coalition for Climate Action (RCCA) and Green Institute has kicked into action following the inaugural tree planting exercise that took place in the camp on November 28, 2022.

A total of eleven members from RCCA and two from Green Institute as well as four Tongogara Refugee Camp stakeholders planted avocado pear trees at the irrigation scheme.

Green Institute Co-Director, Blessing Matasva and Lloyd Sithole including other stakeholders namely Wilfred Mapiko from Terre Des Hommes, Robson Toronga from Forestry Commission, Kiwarabilwe Dembure from Childline Zimbabwe and Wellington Chikandiwa from Department of Social Development participated in the planting exercise.

Gawaar Juich

RCCA team comprised of Gawaar Juich, Jeannette Muhimundu, Prince Bashangezi, Celyne Niyonagira, Mbuyi Mutombo, Naomi Mulaya, Divine Mulaya, Pacific Kifara, Gracia Masimango, Mado Singere and Rodger Moyana.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Refugee Youth President, Jeannette Muhimundu said the project aims at mitigating climate change.

Jeannette Muhimundu

“The fruit trees we planted here have several advantages among them climate change mitigation. They are a sure source of food and nutrition. They save as wind break during storms and help during heat waves,” she said.

Blessing Matasva

Green Institute Co-Director Blessing Matasva said, “We have planted avocado tree to demonstrate how to mitigate climate change.” RCCA Team Leader Gawaar Juich said, “We are excited by planting trees in the camp. In addition to climate change mitigation, the trees can provide food and nutrition and also re-green our communities.”

On December 01, 2022 RCCA shall plant trees at Transformation Innovation Hub. On December 03, 2022 the organisations shall plant trees at Zimbabwe Republic Police base in the camp.

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