“Repairing costs are far from our reach”

“Repairing costs are far from our reach”
By Staff Writer

THE family of Mutongi whose house they were renting was destroyed by fire recently in Chipinge’s medium Density suburb is asking for donations to repair the fire damaged house.

Mrs Mutangadura

Mrs Mutangadura, who is mother to Mrs Mutongi, indicated that the repairing costs are far from their reach.
“We are a family in need. Both the family of my in-laws and that of ours are people who aren’t well up in life. We are striving to live. The owner of the house asked our children to repair the damages done to the house that was destroyed by fire. The repairing cost is far from our reach.
“We ask for well wishers to donate the family with building materials so that we can repair the house and bring it back to the owner in its former state. We need more than 200 roofing timber as well as asbestos, window panes and fittings. The list is endless.
“I am happy that some asbestos were acquired through a well wisher. We ask for more to come forth so that we can complete the repairing exercise and be able to plan the next phase of our life,” she said.

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