Residents pool resources for road rehabilitation, vehicle purchase

Win Bhila


IN a bid to rehabilitate roads at Checheche Growth Point, residents have managed to mobilise to the tune of four hundred litres of diesel. Checheche is located in Chipinge South and is about 128km from Chipinge town.

In an interview with Business Wave, Combined Checheche Residents Association Chairperson, Mr Win Bhila, said that through their association, well wishers have donated the fuel intended for road rehabilitation.

“We have mobilised resources from well-wishers, corporates and individuals who are linked to Checheche in various ways. Our sole aim is to rehabilitate some roads which are now inaccessible. Through this initiative, we have mobilised 400 litres of diesel. The litres of diesel of diesel will increase once the rehabilitation starts since we have other stakeholders who have promised to add,” he said.

He went further to thank the residents for their commitment in pushing for development in the area and also appreciates the local council for accepting their development proposals.

“We shared our developmental plans with the Chipinge Rural District Council and the authority promised to offer us machinery (graders and tractors) manpower and technical expertise.

In a similar approach, the Chipinge Business Community Against Crime is fundraising for a patrol vehicle for the local police to curb the rising crime rates in the district. So far the project have raised just above US$4,500

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