Rotary calls members to polio action

Rotary Club of Chipinge’s polio fundraising dinner


One of the major financers of polio in the world, Rotary International, has called its members to be active during the month of October in its bid to eradicate the disease.

The message was send on World Polio Day which was commemorated on 24 October 2023.

In a statement, Rotary International Director for Zone 22, Patrick D. Chisanga, said that the day calls for action.

“World Polio Day is a day of reflection and action, a day when we, as a global community, recognize our progress in the fight to end polio, and discuss the actions required to ensure we eradicate this debilitating disease for good.

Rotary Club of Chipinge’s polio fundraising dinner

“There is currently no cure for polio, but through vaccination and awareness, we can prevent its devastating effects. World Polio Day serves as a solemn reminder of our duty, to ourselves and future generations to prevent the resurgence of polio in Africa” he said.

On a similar note, Rotary Club of Chipinge held a successful polio fundraising dinner on 21 October 2023 at DePlaza Lodge in Chipinge. Proceeds from the dinner are going to be channelled towards the polio fund.

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