Rugby sport development to benefit Chipinge


CHIPINGE district is expected to benefit from the development of the game of rugby. The sport was revived through a mini tournament that was held on Saturday, 2 September 2023 at Chipinge Junior School.

The tournament which was dubbed Chirinda Forest Sevens Mini Festival saw five teams participating. These are Chipinge One, Chipinge Two, Rock Stars, Eastern Giants and Bateleurs from Chikanga in Mutare.

According to Manicaland Provincial Rugby Board Chairperson, Moss Kapumha, the festival was an awareness and development program.

“We came here to help develop the sport of rugby in Chipinge after more than 20 years of silence. The game was last played in the year 2000 in Chipinge district. We are creating an interest of rugby at grassroots level. We hope that some who are witnessing today will get inspired to play the sport at school and at professional level.

“We came to support the local district board to get going. We hope that the community will embrace the sport and that some corporates can come with financial support so that the game can grow fully,” he said.

The Secretary General of Manicaland Provincial Rugby Board, Casper Bandi said, “Two weeks ago we held a tournament in Mutare. I coach Rock Stars, a new kid on the block. It’s good that we are here in Chipinge to showcase our talent for the benefit of clubs here in Chipinge.”

A youthful rugby player, Wayne Nenhanga from Mutare was happy to be involved the Chipinge rugby development.

Wayne Nenhanga

“I am doing Form 4 at Marist Brothers in Nyanga. I am humbled by coming to Chipinge. This is my first time to play in a tournament and it’s a very achievement for me. Every holiday, I look for tournament to keep motivated. As you can see, I am short person and some people think I can’t make it in rugby but I am here to prove them wrong,” he said.

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