She has a word for young women


STARTING a business has no age. This has been proved by Priscilla Machaka, who has ventured into cultural design business.

Speaking to this publication, the 23 year old Priscilla believes that using available resources can make one become an entrepreneur.

“I’m an African girl who grew up believing that it’s possible to generate money using my own hands. I grew up in a family which always encouraged me to work hard and my parents inspired me to become business minded.

“I started by selling ready-made products during my high school days, even if I had a desire to implement my own business idea. So I chose manufacturing of jewellery. I started my own line which I named Priscilla African Beads Designs International (PABDI).

“From my humble begins, I am happy that I am receiving many orders from different people. The magic behind my success is that I started something which I’m able to take care of,” she said.

Priscilla has some advice for other women.

“My advice to my fellow young women is that you must have a vision and you must dream big. A big dream can become real if one starts from where you are. It’s not money that will make you achieve your dreams but passion, hard work and vision.

“Young women, if you think business, don’t rely completely on other people but be yourself. It feels good to spend the money you know for sure that you have worked for than wait for donations or blessers. Just work hard girl!” she added.

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