Sigauke set to release a new single


“AT Matthew 28 verse 20, Jesus gave us a task to go therefore and preach the gospel, baptise them in the name of the father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. So it is indeed my mission to preach the word of God through music in Zimbabwe and beyond.”

These were the opening remarks of Solomon Sigauke when approached by this publication for an interview.

Born in 1984, the 39 year old Sigauke realised his musical prowess in 1996 when he was only 12 years.

“At the age of 12 that is when realised my musical talent. I was still in primary school and that I might have been set aside for a special journey of expounding the word of God through music.

“My music is mixture of gospel worship and praise songs in our Shona language that are set to target everyone both the young and adult in plight of fulfilling the great commission set aside by our Lord and Saviour,” said Sigauke.

‘Pandatsika Ndatora’ is the title of the brand new single that is set for release in a few days from now.

“‘The song reveals part of my life, and various issues that we encountered in life as we were growing up. So this song explains that I have achieved and excelled in life through God’s favour.

“Financial constraints are always a challenge to musicians, as we are self sponsored. But I managed to use the little funds I had at disposal so that the word of God may be advanced,” added Sigauke.

He also took time to applaud the whole team behind the creation of the song.

“I would like to appreciate the Mutserendende Movement Studios producer Mr Simoyi Mhlanga, Mr Preacher Marange a versatile craftsman who is meticulous about every single detail, they really added to the success of the project.

“I would also like to appreciate my wife who is my biggest supporter, my church members, Elder Fira, Baba Hlaizeka, my brother Mavhiza, Mr and Mrs Masunda, Mr Mongwe and many others who have supported me and strengthened me to excellence,” he said.

Sigauke is not only a musician but he also hails as a prison officer at Chipinge Prisons popularly known as Mandikisi.

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