Teachers’ professional council on the cards


THE Government of Zimbabwe is taking strides to create a professional council for teachers; a government official has revealed

Speaking during a belated World Teachers Day commemoration held at Rimbi High School in Mutema-Musikavanhu constituency in Chipinge recently, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Honourable Torerayi Moyo greatly appreciated the role teachers are playing and sacrifices they are making in executing their duties

“We have moved around with the professional council bill and we are now waiting for His Excellence to sign it. Once the bill is signed, the Teaching Profession Council of Zimbabwe will be created aiming at providing any independent, representative and self regulating board to strengthen professionalism in the education sector,” he said.

The minister went further to say that the government is committed to improve the welfare of teachers and denounced the teachers who are not performing their duties.

Honourable Torerayi Moyo urged those working for teachers unions not to hesitate to apply for work in the professional Council.

“Once the professional Council is authorised, those working in teachers unions shouldn’t hesitate to apply and join the teaching profession of Zimbabwe as it will safeguarding the needs and interests of teachers,” added Min Moyo.

Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education who is also legislator for Mutema- Musikavanhu constituency, Honourable Angeline Gata, applauded teachers’ role in nurturing children.

“Today, we celebrate our teachers for their immense role in empowering our children. They spend more time with the children and ensure they behave well,” she said.

From the commemoration, it emerged that the Government is committed to improving teachers’ welfare and has made strides in developing teachers’ professional skills. It also emerged that the government has partnered with other private players for teachers capacity building.

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