Tongogara plans huge transformation

Trust Bvaranga

Mr Johanne Mhlanga

LAST week, Tongogara Refugee Camp (TRC) Administrator, Mr Johanne Mhlanga, revealed that he intends to uplift the standard of life in the camp. He said this during an interface meeting which he held with all stakeholders in the refugee camp.

Mr Mhlanga started by congratulating everyone for entering a New Year (2023) and wished everyone a wonderful working relationship with his department.

He went further to comment religious leaders in TRC for maintaining peace during the course of 2022 and said, “God smiles when peace prevails, for God is love.”

The camp head urged parents to take care of the children by providing all the requirements that are necessary to them, include schooling and parental love.

“All members present hereby we can only achieve and have what we want if we invest in our children, let’s encourage our children to be educated,” he said.

Families were urges to refrain from domestic violence since this may lead to divorces and deaths.

During this meeting, Mr Mhlanga revealed to residents that he intents to create a classical market complex in TRC which is similar to those owned by big supermarkets. He said that the move will ensure a conducive living and marketing environment.

He also revealed that he has planned to create an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Center with the gist to come up with ICT literate children as well as to create opportunity for them.

For those interested in farming, 150 hectares of arable land is earmarked for opening. The idea is to raise income and contribute to food and nutrition.

Other plans include decongesting Tongogara Primary School, curbing stock theft and uplifting unity in the camp.

“Refugee camps are not prisons, we want the best for refugees. It is up to you to disturb or maintain the opportunity that you have. Let’s all protect peace and security.

“I would want to thank the refugees for staying and having good relationships with the immediate communities. Let’s be united, tribalism has no room, nationalism has no room, one vision one camp.

“We are one people, created in the image of God. For those that are going outside the country of Zimbabwe always remember where you are coming from develop the area for your siblings that are remaining and also be patient for your turn is coming,” he added.

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